NYSCASA phone number: 518-482-4222
NYSCASA fax number: 518-482-4248

Joanne Zannoni ExecutiveDirectorx312
Tobi Downing Associate Director x311

Chrys Ballerano Dir. of Collaborative Holistic Services & Trauma Resources x308
Elizabeth Isabelle Director of Prevention x310
Josie McPherson Director of Intervention x315
Sandra Farnan Siciliano Director of Finance and Human Resources x314
Selena Bennett-Chambers Public Policy Coordinator x302
Michelle Carroll Campus Coordinator x305
Eirik Bjorkman PREA Outreach Coordinator x306
Sarah Podber Special Projects Coordinator x300


NYSCASA Board of Directors

Doreen Henry, President
Phillip Burse, Vice President
Qumyka Howell, Treasurer
Dee Levy, Secretary

Marisa Rube
Graciela Heymann
Raini Baudendistel
Patricia O’Gorman
Jonaliza Misa
Inaudy Esposito
Sarah Tubbs
Stacy Jones


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If you have been sexually assaulted–call the New York State Hotline for Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence.



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