Evaluation Resources for Victim Services


Measuring Our Success: Evaluation for Sexual Assault Programs, Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs newsletter, Spring 2013.



Evaluation Resource Packet by Stephanie Townsend, after 2007.

Healing Voices Project: Procedures for Evaluating Counseling and Advocacy Services by Stephanie Townsend, October 2010.

Program Evaluation: Knowing is Half the Battle by Kris Bein, 2011.

Victim Service Program Evaluation by Collins, Emmerling, McManus, VanEpps, and Witwer, after 2007, and Empowerment and Satisfaction Questionnaire Implementation Checklist.



Outcome Measures for Sexual Assault Services in Texas by Heffron, McClendon, and Busch, August 2003.



Domestic Violence Evidence Project: where evidence and practice intersect

National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence: list of evaluation resources (with links)


Other Resources

Listening to Our Communities: Assessment Toolkit from National Sexual Assault Demonstration Initiative, January 2014.

Measuring Success on Our Own Terms training materials by Cris Sullivan, August 2014.