Federal Policy

Nationally, NYSCASA participates in the anti-sexual violence movement with other state coalitions and the National Alliance to End Sexual Violence to ensure continuation of the landmark Violence Against Women Act, the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, and other federal policies that have an impact on sexual assault survivors and their families and communities.

NYSCASA supports VAWA Reauthorization, S1925.

Find out how you can support VAWA! The National Task Force to End Sexual and Domestic Violence Against Women makes supporting VAWA easy. Get fact sheets, the VAWA tool kit, the latest updates, and more at 4vawa.org!

Remember to participate in the #ReauthorizeVAWA Twitter Carnival each Wednesday at 12pm EST. Here’s a sample tweet:

We urge all Senators to support S.1925 and #ReauthorizeVAWA now! 4vawa.org.

If you won’t be in front of your computer at noon, you can schedule your message to post on Wednesday at noon by signing up for www.hootsuite.com. Remember to retweet and respond to the tweets of others – always including #ReauthorizeVAWA – during the Twitter Carnival.