Training & Consultation

Education is a primary component of NYSCASA’s mission. We offer a variety of training opportunities suitable for your campus, workplace, school or community group. We can also provide consultations to your Human Resource Manager, Campus Law Enforcement agencies or any other person who needs to be informed about any issue regarding sexual violence.

In addition to the projects detailed below a full list of training subjects are available on our Training and Technical Assistance page.



Do you have questions about your company’s Sexual Harrassment policy? Do you need help sorting through your presentation for an incoming group of students or their teachers? Does your staff of first responders need to be updated in best practices? We can help you clarify information, requirements, needs and legalities regarding sexual violence.

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New York State Victims’ Assistance Academy (NYSVAA)

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NYSVAA is an interdisciplinary, academically-based learning experience for crime victim service providers, advocates and allied professionals. NYSVAA originally served to build a foundation in the principles and policies of victims’ rights work and a comprehensive set of skills, knowledge, and resources to meet the short- and long-term needs of crime victims in New York State.  NYSVAA started with a grant awarded to NYSCASA, and while NYSCASA currently serves as a member of the NYSVAA Advisory Committee, Buffalo State College is the lead organization for NYSVAA.

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Sexual Assault Examiner Training

Open to any health care personnel who want to be certified as as a Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner (SAFE). We offer 40-hour New York State Department of Health certified training.

This training covers such topics as: patient centered care, understanding the benefits of a multi-disciplinary team approach, evidence collection, assessment of sexual assault patients, courtroom testimony, screening and treatment for sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy, and New York State laws applicable to sexual assault.

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