Save the Date: 2020 Sexual Assault Prevention and Intervention Conference

Save the Date: 2020 Sexual Assault Prevention and Intervention Conference

Jun04 - 062020

A collaborative effort between NYSCASA and Seven Dancers Coalition.


Presented by the New York State Coalition Against Sexual Assault and the Seven Dancers Coalition / Contact: Chelsea R. Miller (



The 2020 Sexual Assault Prevention and Intervention Conference and related programming will build on the work initiated during NYSCASA’s 2017 conference, in which we created a place for attendees to think critically about approaches to ending sexual violence; to re-imagine current mainstream responses, programs, and policies from a transformative justice lens; and to explore grassroots community alternatives to sexual violence intervention and prevention.


Pre-conference programming will:

  • Introduce participants to the core principles of Restorative Justice, Transformative Justice, Community Accountability, and other community-centered approaches to violence intervention
  • Analyze the history of the anti-sexual violence movement, its relationship to the criminal legal system, and the role of systemic oppression in sexual violence
  • Underscore the importance of building communities everyday to prevent and respond to violence


Through webinars, conference calls, and additional trainings, program participants will develop a shared analysis of interpersonal violence—specifically sexual violence—and a shared understanding of community-based approaches to sexual violence prevention and intervention.


The 2020 Sexual Assault Prevention and Intervention Conference will provide a space for community members, service providers, and professionals in a variety of fields to develop skills in using community-driven practices to prevent and respond to sexual violence in our communities.


Conference participants will:

  • Learn about community-based alternatives to the criminal legal system to effectively support all survivors of sexual violence
  • Acquire an in-depth understanding about restorative justice, transformative justice, and community accountability frameworks through concrete examples of community-based approaches to violence intervention
  • Build skills in using community-based practices in the context of sexual violence prevention and intervention
  • Develop the knowledge and skills to nourish and sustain communities that can prevent sexual violence, respond to harm, and heal trauma


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