Culturally Specific Advocacy for Immigrant Communities


Culturally specific advocacy rests on a foundation of designing programs to serve ethnic- or identity-specific groups taking into account their identity, language, history, and contexts of historical marginalization and oppression; with advocates drawing on their knowledge of, and connection to, their community’s social, political, cultural, and gender issues.

Culturally-specific community-based-organizations address community-specific types and dynamics of gender-based violence, working to counteract various forms of stigma within communities and discrimination within systems, recognizing the importance of connection to community and the healing value of cultural and/or spiritual practices, collaborating with systems so they are not barriers but gateways to services, and identifying and addressing historical trauma.

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This page contains links to resources and technical assistance centers for advocates and service providers who are supporting immigrant survivors and their communities.


The Alliance for Immigrant Survivors (AIS) is a national network of advocates and allies dedicated to defending and advocating for policies that ensure immigrant survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, trafficking, and other gender-based abuses have access to life-saving protections that all survivors of violence deserve. Click here to access resources compiled by AIS.

AIS coordinates the Immigration Subcommittee of the National Task Force to End Sexual and Domestic Violence (NTF). The NTF is focused on the development, passage, and implementation of effective public policy to address domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking. The NTF comprises national leadership organizations advocating on behalf of survivors, service providers, and community organizations across the country dedicated to making sure that all survivors of violence receive the protections and services they need and deserve. By coordinating the work of the Immigration Subcommittee, AIS ensures that the needs of immigrant survivors are addressed in policy initiatives and efforts to end sexual and domestic violence.


ASISTA works to advance the dignity, rights, and liberty of immigrant survivors of violence. ASISTA provides comprehensive, cutting-edge technical assistance and resources to those assisting noncitizen survivors of violence in the immigration law arena; trains lawyers, domestic violence and sexual assault advocates, law enforcement personnel, and civil and criminal court judges; and works closely with Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and other government officials to ensure the law is implemented as Congress intended.

VAWnet Special Collections

VAWnet has created a series of special collections, which are organized lists of select resources on specific topics related to gender-based violence that provide contextual information to encourage critical analysis, including:

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If you have been sexually assaulted, call the New York State Hotline for Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence.


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