2022 WCSAP Annual Conference: Building Bridges

2022 WCSAP Annual Conference: Building Bridges

Apr26 - 272022

At Online event

$50 WCSAP Members / $150 Non-Members

Presented by the Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs / conference@wcsap.org


Our vision for a future without violence and oppression demands we deeply invest in relationships and community. We cannot operate as if we are individual islands adrift from community and support. Our very spirit rebels against that isolation. If we didn’t know it before, our current reality has really driven that home. COVID-19 has taken us somewhere none of us would have chosen to go — yet, here we are — thriving! This is why we invite you to help us to build bridges.

We build bridges so that we can create deeper community connections. We build bridges so that we can open up healing spaces for all those whose spirit is worn down and tired. We build bridges so we can find new and exciting ways to serve our communities, opening pathways — such as virtual platforms — to ensure we can meet their various and diverse needs. And we build bridges to foster mentorship and guidance in our own organizations and this movement. Most of all, we’re building towards racial equity, thriving communities, and justice for sexual assault survivors.

With these hopes and intentions at the forefront, we are excited to present WCSAP’s 2022 Annual Conference “Building Bridges”! We look forward to this time together to explore the different ways in which we are all interconnected and how to build bridges to reach each other, survivors, and communities.

Check back here for updates on plenary sessions, keynotes, workshops and more!

If you have questions or would like to apply for a scholarship, please contact conference@wcsap.org

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