Addressing Sexual Abuse Within the Sibling Relationship

Addressing Sexual Abuse Within the Sibling Relationship


CE Eligibility: APA Psychology, NBCC Counseling*

From 11:00 AM until 3:30 PM ET


Presented by Safer Society Press /

This skills-based workshop will explore a framework for intervening in sibling sexual abuse that focuses on promoting accountability, communication, and reparation through a joint therapy process, introduced early in treatment and which involves both the sibling who abused and the sibling victim.

Three stages of therapeutic contact will be explored: (1) Naming the problem (acknowledgements) (2) Learning about the problem (clarification) and (3) Being healthy and safe (consolidation). Linda will use the images, words and stories of the children and families that she has worked with to introduce participants to a range of therapeutic interventions and to provide an opportunity to explore the issues that can emerge.

Topics to be covered include:

1) Framework for responding to sibling sexual abuse
2) Rationale for joint therapy
3) Assessing readiness of victims, child who abused and parents for
joint therapy
4) Planning first sessions
5) Facilitating acknowledgments about sexual abuse
6) Exploring family and relationship dynamics
7) Talking about safety and developing family safety plans

As a result of this training, participants will be better able to:

1) Describe a rationale for addressing sexual abuse within the sibling relationship
2) Assess readiness for the commencement of conjoint sibling intervention
3) Prepare for the commencement of therapeutic contact and plan an initial session
4) Support children and parents in being able to communicate and explore their thoughts and feelings about the sexual abuse.
5) Facilitate exploration of family and sibling relationships that are problematic and healthy.
6) Help children and parents to develop safety plans which focus on expectation around privacy, play and communication.

Credit: 4 CE Credit Hours
Cost of training & CE credits: $100.00
CE Eligibility: APA Psychology, NBCC Counseling*

*Social Workers: We have applied for CE credits from other accrediting agencies.

To be eligible for a certificate, you must attend the entire live training and complete an evaluation form within 24 hours following the live event.


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