“And So I Stayed” Film Screening and Panel Discussion

“And So I Stayed” Film Screening and Panel Discussion


Join NYSCADV for a virtual screening of the documentary film “And So I Stayed” and a panel discussion.

From 4:00 PM until 6:00 PM ET

At Online via Zoom


Presented by the New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence / communications@nyscadv.org


Permeated by racism, misogyny and the flawed narrative of "the perfect victim," the criminal legal system doesn’t always get it right. This is especially true when it comes to survivors who are criminalized, often for defending themselves from abusive partners. Please join the New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence for a virtual film screening of "And So I Stayed," to be followed by a panel discussion featuring Kim Dadou Brown, a survivor and leader in the fight for passage of New York’s historic DVSJA, film co-director Natalie Pattillo, and others. The goal of the panel is to provide insight and knowledge, from survivors and advocates, framing a path forward that dismantles barriers and expands resources for all survivors.

All are welcome to attend and we strongly encourage domestic violence advocates/program staff, sexual violence advocates/program staff, criminal justice reform advocates, and law professionals/students interested in DV/SV to attend.  

Meet the Panelists 

Kim Dadou Brown 

Kim Dadou Brown is a domestic violence survivor who served 17 years in prison for defending herself from her abuser. During the 13 years she’s been home, Kim has spoken publicly to a wide variety of audiences at conferences, panels, forums and symposiums about the intersection of trauma and women’s incarceration.   Kim is a featured survivor in the Brooklyn Film Festival award winning documentary, “And So I Stayed.” Kim has also conducted numerous interviews about her experiences and ideas for change and has lobbied and testified in Albany for legislative changes for survivors in the criminal justice system. Kim has been a leading voice in the passage of the Domestic Violence Survivors Justice Act.    Kim’s story and advocacy efforts have been featured in prominent media, including The New York Times Arts section (6/14/21), the Legislative Gazette, Huffington Post, “Women In Prison are Still Waiting for Their Me Too Moment,” Albany Times Union, North Country Public Radio, Gannett, and New York Law Journal. 

Natalie Pattillo - Director, Producer, Writer of “And So I Stayed” 

Natalie Pattillo is a New York-based multimedia journalist. Her reporting bylines include the New York Times, MSNBC, VICE, Jezebel, New York Magazine, Al Jazeera America and Salon. In 2020, she was awarded the Media Award from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. She received a Master’s Degree from Columbia Journalism School in 2017. Natalie understands the nuances of the abuser-victim dynamic because she survived domestic violence in a past relationship. These experiences, as well as the death of her sister at the hands of an abusive boyfriend in 2010, fuels Natalie’s mission for "And So I Stayed” to make a meaningful impact.     

About the Film 

“And So I Stayed” is an award-winning documentary about survivors of abuse fighting for their lives and spending years behind bars. These women paid a steep price with long prison sentences, lost time with loved ones, and painful memories. Formerly incarcerated survivor-advocate Kim Dadou Brown was a driving force in the passage of New York’s historic Domestic Violence Survivors Justice Act (DVSJA), a 2019 law intended to prevent survivors from receiving harsh prison sentences for their acts of survival. Nikki Addimando, a mother of two young children, suffered the consequences when a judge didn’t follow the law’s sentencing guidelines during her initial criminal proceeding. The judge’s ruling was ultimately reversed by New York’s appellate court, yet Nikki remains incarcerated. Formerly incarcerated Tanisha Davis, a single mother who was ripped away from her son in 2013, was one of the first women released from prison following a DVSJA re-sentencing application. 


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