Education Law 129–B: Diving Deep into New York’s Approach to Violence Prevention on Campus

Education Law 129–B: Diving Deep into New York’s Approach to Violence Prevention on Campus

Aug02 - 032022

A two-day training about "Enough Is Enough" NYS Education Law Article 129-B

From 12:00 PM until 4:00 PM ET

At Virtual Event


Presented by Grand River Solutions, Inc. /


Is your New York institution complying with Education Law Article 129-B? Do you still have questions about complying with the state’s approach to campus violence prevention seven years after the law was enacted? Our training facilitators can help answer questions and clarify inconsistencies with Title IX.

This two-part virtual training will take a deep dive into the law’s requirements, explore well-known and less-discussed facets, and help institutions think through conforming to the law’s obligations to also meet federal regulations. Facilitators will discuss the historical implications of the law as well as its application, general provisions, and definitions. Attendees will learn about compliance obligations within the context of the federal approach to violence on campus, and potential privacy and legal challenges.


  • An in-depth review of each obligation of the statute as well as regulations in consideration of published guidance and litigation.
  • Covering inconsistencies with the federal Title IX approach to ensure that institutions are meeting all obligations.
  • Highlighting areas that are less common which may pose compliance challenges.
  • Discussing resources and approaches to meeting and exceeding compliance obligations.
  • Going beyond what the law says to identify and implement methods of teaching your students, faculty, staff, and community about the law’s obligations.
  • Open Q&A discussion to address attendees’ specific questions about the law.
  • Topical discussions: Affirmative Consent; Amnesty; Bill of Rights; Response to Reports; Confidentiality; Onboarding; Campus Climate Assessment; Annual Aggregate Reporting and the SED (State Education Department) Regulations.


  • Title IX Coordinators
  • Title IX Investigators
  • Student Conduct Professionals
  • Student Affairs Professionals
  • Advisors
  • Campus and Outside Counsel
  • University Police and Public Safety
  • Victim Services Professionals


Andrea Stagg
Andrea Stagg is the Director of Consulting Services at Grand River Solutions. Andrea has extensive experience in higher education in-house legal settings at public and private colleges and universities. She has advised federal and state legislators on best practices in campus safety and sexual harassment prevention, and served on a state-wide campus working group with prevention and response partners throughout New York. Andrea co-coordinated a working group in New York that created the policies which became Article 129-B, and co-drafted guidance to implement the law. Andrea has published legal and compliance writing about sexual and interpersonal violence prevention and response, the Clery Act, NCAA compliance, and program integrity. Andrea has presented in-person and virtual training on the Clery Act, Title IX, FERPA and other privacy laws to thousands of higher education professionals over the years.

Joseph Storch
Joseph Storch is the Senior Director of Compliance and Innovation Solutions at Grand River Solutions. In 2014, he co-coordinated the Chancellor’s Working Group at SUNY, drafting policies that were submitted as legislation in 2015. Joe served as a Special Advisor to the Governor’s Office for that legislation, drafting language, participating in negotiations with the legislature, and briefing public and private colleges, State legislative leaders, members, and staff, U.S. Senate and House members and staff, and media. He worked closely with the State Education Department on the Regulations, including organizing meetings with stakeholders, and serving as secretary of the meetings, developing the initial draft of the Regulations. Concurrently, he co-drafted the 52-page guidance on complying with 129-B, issued by State Ed and the Office of Campus Safety and later drafted questions and answers and other guidance on annual reporting obligations. Joe developed tools to help campuses comply, including a spreadsheet for tracking and annual reporting, and has presented on the law hundreds of times across the State of New York.


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