Elder Abuse Prevention Event – Onondaga County (Syracuse, NY)

Elder Abuse Prevention Event – Onondaga County (Syracuse, NY)

101 Richmond Avenue, Syracuse, NY 13204

How Can We Prevent Elder Abuse Before It Happens?: Prevention Concepts, Skill Building, and Community Goal Setting

From 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM

At AMR Conference Room

101 Richmond Avenue, Syracuse, NY 13204

$25 per person, includes continental breakfast and lunch

Vera House, Inc. / Jenny Ackley: jackley@verahouse.org


Featured Presenter: Alan Berkowitz, Independent Consultant & National Expert in the Field of Violence Prevention

Alan is a frequent keynote speaker at national and elder abuse conferences, a co-founder of the social norms approach, and the author of a book on bystander intervention theory and skills. He has received five national awards for his scholarship and innovative programs on substance abuse and sexual assault prevention, men’s role in ending violence against women, gender issues, bystander intervention theory and skills, and diversity.


Topics Covered:

  • Overview of primary prevention and how it differs from secondary and tertiary prevention
  • Best practices in primary prevention including the Social Norms Approach and Bystander Intervention
  • Skill building exercises
  • Personal awareness activities
  • Community goal setting


Registration is limited to 50 people. Register at www.verahouse.org/event-calendar by Nov. 1!


For more information or to request accommodations:

Jenny Ackley, jackley@verahouse.org or 315-425-0818 x 2245



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