Everything Everyone Needs to Know to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

Everything Everyone Needs to Know to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse


From 10:00 AM until 12:00 PM ET


Presented by Prevent Child Abuse Vermont / jkitchell@pcavt.org

This interactive training covers essential information for all adults to be better prepared to protect children from sexual abuse. Adults who are parents, caregivers, teachers, and other professionals want children to have abuse-free childhoods. This training is an important step! As a participant, you will: a) learn interactive tools that work to keep children safe from sexual abuse b) learn what grooming is and ways to respond to protect children c) discover how to talk to children at different developmental stages about healthy behaviors d) determine how to respond to incidents of potential child sexual abuse (including understanding the mandated reporter expectations in your state). Through talking about child sexual abuse and how it happens, you will develop skills to recognize and respond to concerning situations. This training is particularly designed for adults caring for infants up to children ages 14. Educators, After-school professionals, educators, social workers, mentors, coaches, parents, caregivers, grandparents, and foster parents are invited to participate.


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