Health Care Access for Crime Victims

Health Care Access for Crime Victims


From 11:00 AM until 12:00 PM ET

At Online via Zoom


Presented by the NY Crime Victims Legal Network, Empire Justice Center / Jackie Segouin,


Individuals may experience serious physical and/or mental health issues resulting from crime victimization. Therefore, having access to health care services can be crucial for a crime victim. As a result of the crime, some clients will lose their health insurance, others will have a desire to change their health coverage so it is not tied to their abuser, and others may realize that they can no longer be without coverage. Things like income, household size, immigration status, and more can have an impact on health insurance eligibility.

However, clients may not expressly disclose all the issues they are facing or know that you may be able to help remove barriers to accessing health care services. This presentation will give you the tools to help you identify when health care coverage is a concern and ensure that clients know what health insurance coverage options and services are available to them.


Fiona Wolfe, Senior Attorney, Empire Justice Center

Alexia Mickles, Staff Attorney, Empire Justice Center


Empire Justice Center has been certified by the New York State Continuing Legal Education Board as an Accredited Provider of continuing legal education in the State of New York. This program has been approved for 0.5 Skills and 0.5 Professional Practice in accordance with the requirements of the Continuing Education Board. This course is appropriate for both new and experienced attorneys.


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