Imagining Abolition: Beyond Prisons, Wars, and Borders

Imagining Abolition: Beyond Prisons, Wars, and Borders

Apr14 - 172021

A virtual gathering across time zones

At Zoom

Imagining Abolition /

The events of 2020 point to the need for a society that moves away from racial and other social-identity based supremacies, colonialism, and racial capitalism, and grows new roots in the values of human dignity, abolition, democracy, and radical transformation. To develop this society, we must interrogate our current understandings of community and justice and develop new conceptions, policies, and practices that we can use to build the “beloved community.” Building community for such abolition requires the vision and participation of all and commitment to working through a complex process. In this spirit, we seek to gather people who have been directly impacted by carceral systems, their friends and family, artists, activists, scholars, and other community members to participate in this virtual gathering.

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