Intersectionality, Disability, and Victimization

Intersectionality, Disability, and Victimization


A webinar on supporting survivors with disabilities using an intersectional framework.

From 2:00 PM until 3:30 PM ET

At Online via Zoom


Presented by the National Center on Ending Abuse of People with Disabilities at the Vera Institute of Justice /


This webinar will provide a high-level overview on supporting survivors with disabilities in an intersectional manner. We will discuss recognizing the wide-spread nature of trauma and its effects, which can, in and of itself, cause disability, understanding the potential avenues for recovery and healing, which may or may not include a person’s support team, and being able to identify signs and symptoms of trauma in persons served, particularly those who do not and/or have limited ability to communicate verbally. We will address a complete integration of trauma-related knowledge and information inclusive of disability into policies, settings, practices and procedures. Furthermore, the webinar will discuss barriers implicit bias presents to service delivery in a trauma-informed manner, and exacerbation of harm, particularly when the person served is multiply-marginalized.

About the Speaker

Reyma McCoy Hyten, the first Black woman to ever serve as the US Department of Health and Human Services Commissioner for the Administration on Disabilities, is now devoting her full time and attention to supporting the creation of just and verdant communities for all in the US- and beyond. She is an Antibigotry Convening Fellow with the Center for Antiracist Research at Boston University and was the recipient of a 2019 AT&T Humanity of Connection award. Additionally, her 2018 run for office was endorsed by the Working Families Party. Her work has been featured in Vice, TIME , The Guardian, and USA Today. After a twenty year career as a helping professional, her vocation has shifted from serving marginalized people to addressing, through her signature approach to identifying and confronting the root causes of oppression, how systems create marginalization in the first place.


American Sign Language interpreting will be provided for all webinars in this series. Closed captioning and other accommodations for the live session are available upon request. We use Zoom webinar for all of our virtual trainings. If you need assistance with registering or have any questions you can email us at


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