Introducing the Rape Culture Intervention Toolkit

Introducing the Rape Culture Intervention Toolkit


Join Project NIA & Hope Praxis Collective for an introduction to their new Rape Culture Intervention Toolkit.

From 6:30 PM until 8:00 PM

At Virtual Event

Presented by Project NIA and Interrupting Criminalization: Research In Action /

The Rape Culture Intervention Toolkit was inspired by Mia Mingus's quote "death by a thousand little cuts" — a reference to the way that we do a terrible job of responding to the kind of lower-level harm that often leads to an accumulation of unchecked trauma. The objectives of the curriculum are to provide people with an understanding of how rape culture maintains the status quo in the US (and abroad), identify what power we have to check and transform rape culture, and to provide people with skills on how to make amends for harm from an abolitionist perspective.

The Hope Praxis Collective

We are a Milwaukee-based capacity-building collective organizing to provide support, practice, skillshare, and imagine new possibilities through abolitionist and transformative justice frameworks.In honor of those who have been doing abolitionist work for decades, our name, Hope Praxis Collective, is a direct homage to Just Practice Collective and Mariame Kaba who have taught us that hope is a discipline, a practice, and a form of collective care.


Kayla Kuo (she/her) is a transracial Taiwanese adoptee, queer organizer, and researcher from Milwaukee, WI whose work is informed by PIC abolition, transformative justice, and transracial and transnational adoption. She has been organizing with Black and Pink - Milwaukee since 2018 and is currently co-creating a canteen recipe book with her pen pal at Fox Lake Correctional Institution. Beyond organizing, she loves chaotically reading multiple books at a time, snuggling with her dog (Kenny), keeping her houseplants alive, and falling asleep 20 minutes into a movie.Sara Onitsuka (they/them) is a genderqueer organizer, writer, and grad student living in Milwaukee, WI. They organize with Black and Pink - Milwaukee and are involved in areas of collective work including abolition, transformative justice, anti-imperialism, and neuroscience for the revolution. Find their articles and poetry at Art For Ourselves Magazine, follow them on IG @sara_iume, and catch them in their free time singing, laughing, and taking walks along the river.Santera Matthews (she/her) is a queer mixed Indigenous Keweenaw Bay Annishanabee organizer and educator from Milwaukee, WI whose work is informed by her Feminist Abolitionist politics. She is a founding member of Black and Pink - Milwaukee’s chapter and lead organizer for the #FreeChrystul Self-Defense Committee and is overall dedicated to abolishing the PIC.


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Download the toolkit here.


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