Rensselaer County SART 11th Annual Conference

Rensselaer County SART 11th Annual Conference


A virtual training for professionals from different disciplines to experience specialized training together.

From 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM ET

Presented by the Rensselaer County SART / Adrienne Barker,

Join the Rensselaer County SART on January 19 for the first part of their annual conference, a training for multidisciplinary professionals to experience specialized training together. This event will be offered as a virtual meeting.
Topics to include:
  • Sexual Assault: Brain, Experience, Behavior, and Memory, presented by Jim Hopper
  • Ethical Issues of Confidentiality and Privilege, presented by Jeannette M. Adkins
  • Blackout Girl, presented by Jennifer Storm
  • The Missing Story of #MeToo: Sexual Violence by Law Enforcement Agents, presented by Andrea Ritchie
Click here to register for Day 1 by January 14. Once Day 1 of training is completed, you will then receive an email with the registration link for Day 2 that will be held on February 9. Once you register that same link will run from 9a-3p so feel free to come to both or either sessions for the day!

We invite the following to please participate in this 2-Day FREE Training. Law Enforcement, Prosecutors, Victim Advocates, Child Protective/Child Welfare Personnel, Probation Officers, Medical Providers, Mental Health Professionals, School Personnel, Community Outreach & Education Staff, Military, and Others Working with victims or survivors of sexual assault.


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