Secondary/Vicarious Trauma in First Responders to Sexual Violence

Secondary/Vicarious Trauma in First Responders to Sexual Violence


From 10:00 AM until 12:00 PM

At Zoom Webinar

Presented by the New York State Coalition Against Sexual Assault /

This presentation will educate the First Responder on the risk of experiencing secondary trauma, also called vicarious trauma, resulting from the work with victims of violence, most specifically victims of sexual assault. Secondary trauma is prevalent in the realm of providing care and resources to the most vulnerable.

- Identification of secondary trauma/vicarious trauma in first line responders to sexual violence. First responders include Advocates, Law Enforcement and Medical Providers. Identification will address the types of trauma exposure, sensory impact of trauma exposure and non-obvious traumatic exposure.
- Explanation of how and why exposure to traumatic stress impacts the individual. This will include physical, mental, emotional manifestations. Explanation of subtle presentations of traumatic stress.
- Coping strategies for those impacted by traumatic stress. These include physical, mental and emotional self-care. Responsibility of first responders to have access to an “accountability partner” for effective coping. Moving forward after recognition of the impact of secondary trauma on the first responder.

These events will be held via Zoom Meetings. Video participation is not required. Sessions will be recorded and distributed to those who register. Registrants will receive the meeting link by email. Sessions will be conducted in spoken English. Language interpretation and closed captioning can be made available upon request (submit requests to on or by January 22, 2021).


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