Self-Care and Creative Corner Art Workshop

Self-Care and Creative Corner Art Workshop


From 6:00 PM until 7:00 PM ET

At Virtual Event

Presented by the Albany County Crime Victims and Sexual Violence Center / Lori Walker: or 518-447-7100

Art is a way to unlock your creativeness and express yourself in way that words cannot. The process of making art can be exciting, relaxing and healing and we hope to share that experience with you!

During this hour long workshop, you will get the opportunity to learn from our experienced artist, Hanna, as she guides you through some of her custom DVAM designs or create a design of your own! While exploring our creative side, one of our trauma therapists will lead a discussion around the healing powers of art.

Though Hanna will be painting on a canvas, we encourage your to use any art medium you would like (pencil, markers, chalk, crayons, etc.).

If you are interested in being part of this experience, please use this form to register for this virtual workshop on 10/21/21 at 6est. Once you sign up, you will be e-mailed the Zoom link and additional information. Please allow up to 24 hrs. to receive the confirmation e-mail.

*Trigger warning* Please note that discussions during this workshop will be focused around the healing power of art and will likely include discussions around domestic violence. This workshop is intended for participants ages 16+.

If you sign up but are unable to attend, please notify so that we can open back up your reserved spot. Space is limited and this event will be first come, first served.

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