Webinar: Planting the Seeds to Build Communities

Webinar: Planting the Seeds to Build Communities


Stories of healing, connection, and prevention

From 2:00 PM until 3:30 PM


How is community being built to transform the world to one without violence? Join Resonance Network and PreventConnect on this web conference to learn how organizers in the Resonance Network plant the seeds to create the world we want. Presenters will share stories that animate and illuminate their practices of building beloved community. This includes stories of community building within families; building relationships across communities to prevent and heal multiple forms of violence, including structural violence; and healing together to advance environmental justice, reproductive justice, and nonviolence.


  • Describe how the Resonance Network seeds relate to building communities
  • Identify examples of daily choices that plant the seeds for a world free from all violence
  • Engage in a discussion about fostering equity, belonging, and shared leadership in community


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