Webinar: Technology Safety: Best Practices for Serving Survivors of Technological Abuse

Webinar: Technology Safety: Best Practices for Serving Survivors of Technological Abuse


From 10:00 AM until 11:00 AMA

Presented by the New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence

For most of us, information technology is a central part of not only our day-to-day professional affairs but our personal lives as well. An unfortunate side effect is that perpetrators of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse have turned to technology as yet another vehicle to prey on victims. But technology can also serve as a valuable resource for victims to maintain their contacts and seek help. Advocates who serve victims directly can empower them by providing accurate, user-friendly information about how they can use technology to protect themselves. Also, technology can make it easier for advocates to secure the identity and privacy of victims with whom they come into contact. NYSCADV has developed this training to reach a broad audience. Regardless of their technological proficiency, participants in this training will come away with an increased understanding of trauma-informed, survivor-centered services in the digital world.

We will cover:

  • How victims can use technology to stay safe;
  • How abusers misuse technology to stalk, harass, and threaten victims;
  • Strategies to safety plan with victims and preserve evidence for potential investigations;
  • The development and implementation of agency-level policies and practices that foster a confidential, safe space for survivors.


Who Should Attend:

Registration is limited to staff of NYSCADV Program and Allied Membership Organizations Only.

If your organization is not a NYSCADV Program or Allied Membership Organization, your organization can apply to become an Allied Member here.


Content warning

This workshop will refer to popular social-media platforms by name and discuss hypothetical examples of technological abuse based on real-world experiences. Discretion is advised for anyone who has suffered a traumatic experience involving technology or knows such a victim.


About the presenter

Nasim Sarabandi, Project Coordinator, NYSCADV

Nasim began working with the organization in November 2016, coming from the D.C.-area nonprofits. In the last two years, Nasim has worked on technology abuse, domestic violence primary prevention project, economic justice, immigration, natural and human-caused disaster responses, and access and inclusion project of NYSCADV. Nasim brings to NYSCADV a career-long devotion to women's rights and human rights. She served as a project coordinator in the Community-Based Organization building program of Municipality of Tehran (Iran) where she implemented projects to reduce crime and violence and provide treatment to HIV patients and individuals suffering from drug addictions. Nasim has a Master's Degree in Human Rights from the European Inter-University Center in Human Rights and Democratization, a Master’s Degree in Sociology, from the State University of New York at Albany (SUNY)and a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences from the University of Tehran. 

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