When Survival is Punished: What We Can Learn and Do

When Survival is Punished: What We Can Learn and Do


Part of the series, Survivors at the Intersections of Oppression: Advocacy Beyond Carceral Approaches

From 1:00 PM until 3:00 PM ET


Presented by Jane Doe Inc.: The Massachusetts Coalition Against Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence / info@janedoe.org


Join us on Wednesday January 26, 2021 as we continue our three-part series dedicated to deepening our knowledge of how many traditional system responses fail to meet the needs of survivors of sexual assault and/or domestic violence and in fact punish survivors for the very things they do to stay alive.

How do our existing system responses fail survivors, especially BIPOC and LGBTQQI+ survivors? What work can we look to locally and nationally that challenges carceral approaches and centers community wisdom, healing and support?  Join us for an exciting panel discussion as leaders in the movements to end sexual assault and domestic violence share their journeys and perspectives: 



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