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sv simp terms

Sexual Violence Prevention in Simple Terms provides how-to guidance and reminders, integrating current approaches (for beginners and pros) in a guide created by NYSCASA, May 2013.

Does your prevention strategy measure up?  An assessment tool: Prevention Programs Assessment Criteria Revised 2-6-14

Summary Resources from the National Sexual Violence Conference 2013

Collection of resources for Evaluating Prevention 

Guidance regarding curricula available to grantees 2011-2015 Curricula List

Listen to a webinar recording

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Read about trainings NYSCASA has provided

Prevention Trainings given by NYSCASA

Look at prevention work occurring in communities across New York State

Project ENVISION is a prevention project focused on mobilizing communities utilizing norms change strategies around New York City. Hear the project described in a podcast, see them highlighted by NSVRC, and keep up with them on Facebook and Twitter.

See what approaches Rape Crisis Programs across New York State are using in the New York City Alliance’s newsletter.

Learn about the three Enough Abuse community collaboratives in New York State.


NYSCASA is a member of the NYPCSAP and a proud supporter of the Enough Abuse Campaign

The Enough Abuse Campaign is a community mobilization and citizen education effort to prevent child sexual abuse.  The initiative has a duel structure of a statewide partnership and local community sites.  New York is the fourth state in the country to adopt this model, which has been lauded by the CDC.  NYSCASA is a member of the statewide partnership, the New York Partnership for Child Sexual Abuse Prevention, and each of the three pilot sites is led by a NYSCASA member Rape Crisis Program.  See the work happening in Tompkins, Broome, and Suffolk Counties.

 Get Help

If you have been sexually assaulted, call the New York State Hotline for Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence.


 Find Crisis Centers

Search our program directory to find a rape crisis center in your area.


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