Welcome to the Crisis Program Training section.  Training is organized into the following modules.

Module 1: Counseling Skills
This section will provide you with training and tips for counseling victims both in the ER and of the hotline.

Module 2: Legal Aspects
The legal process can be a long and lengthy process for survivors. This section focuses on how to become more informed about the legal process to provide information and support throughout each step.

Module 3: Medical Aspects
Emergency medical attention is often one of the first things a patient of sexual assault may require. This section covers how to intervene efficiently, professionally, and effectively in providing services to the survivors of sexual assault.

Module 4: Domestic Violence
This section covers the facts, legal aspects, and advocacy for supporting victims of Domestic Violence.

Module 5: Child Abuse and Incest
This section outlines child sexual abuse, the issues surrounding victims of incest and advocacy.  

Module 6: Cultural Competency
This section on cultural competence focuses on individual and program’s ability to honor and respect those beliefs, interpersonal styles, attitudes and behaviors both of families who are clients and the multicultural staff providing services.

Module 7: Offender Dynamics
This section provides an overview of the extent of sexual victimization, some basic trends pertaining to these types of crimes, and key data about characteristics of sex offenders.

Module 8: Suicide and Self- Harm
This section provides an overview of self-mutilation and self-harm and guidelines for handling a suicide caller.

Module 9: Office of Victim Services
This section provides information about help that is available to victims of crime.

Module 10: Wrap-Up To Rape Crisis Training
This section provides a summary and final thoughts on the training program.

Module 12: Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)
This section provides information about the PREA, which was established to provide for the analysis of the incidence and effects of prison rape and to provide resources to protect individuals.

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If you have been sexually assaulted, call the New York State Hotline for Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence.


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