Child Victims Act

The New York State Coalition Against Sexual Assault (NYSCASA) supports legislation, which would eliminate the statute of limitations in criminal actions and civil actions for sex offenses committed against a child less than eighteen years of age. In addition, childhood survivors of sexual abuse, who can’t sue under the current law, should have at least a one-year window to pursue civil action. The 90-day notice of claim for bringing civil litigation against a public institution should be eliminated as well.

We know that victims of childhood sexual abuse may not disclose for many years or even decades. They struggle with coming to terms with the fact that a loved one or trusted adult committed such a heinous act against them. It is important to provide these victims with the time they need to disclose and to provide an opportunity for recourse.

New York State is among the worst states when it comes to childhood sexual abuse statute of limitations and this has to change. We know that 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused before they turn eighteen.[1] The effects of sexual abuse are profound and life-changing. We must protect victims and give them an opportunity to seek the justice they deserve.

[1] Finkelhor, D., Hotaling, G., Lewis, I. A., & Smith, C. (1990). Sexual abuse in a national survey of adult men and

women: Prevalence, characteristics and risk factors. Child Abuse & Neglect 14,19-28. doi:10.1016/0145-


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