Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act

Comprehensive Contraception Coverageage Act (A.8135-B/S.6013-A)

The New York State Coalition Against Sexual Assault (NYSCASA) supports this legislation, which would increase access to contraception, the effectiveness of the contraception and the overall health and wellbeing of New York women and their families.

Access to comprehensive contraception is integral to a women’s overall health. When women are given the tools they need to engage in family planning, the rate of unintended pregnancies decrease. This in turn decreases the risks associated with unplanned pregnancies. These risks include delays in initiating prenatal care, reduced likelihood of breastfeeding, resulting in less healthy children, maternal depression and increased risk of physical violence during pregnancy.[1][2][3]

Access to comprehensive contraception promotes better reproductive health, gender equality and better management of family planning. This allows women the opportunity to participate more fully in other aspects of life, including social, economic and political movements and/or activity. This is beneficial to their families and their communities as a whole.

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