Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2022: Building Safe Online Spaces Together

Sexual harassment, assault, and abuse can happen anywhere, including in online spaces. For too long harassment, cyberbullying, and sexual abuse and exploitation have come to be expected as typical and unavoidable behaviors online.

The National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) recently announced that “Building Safe Online Spaces Together” will be the theme for Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) in April 2022. The campaign will build on the vision from SAAM 2021, “We Can Build Safe Online Spaces.”

“Building Safe Online Spaces Together” is possible when we practice digital consent, intervene when we see harmful content and behaviors, and promote online communities that value respect, inclusion, and safety.

We know that we can build and are building online communities centered on respect, inclusion, and safety — where harassment, assault, and abuse are taken seriously. Not only do we believe that together we can build a safer online world, but we also believe that these values, skills, and actions will create communities that thrive online and offline.

Together we can make a difference to build inclusive, safe, and respectful online spaces. We invite you to join us this April in making respect the norm everywhere, taking action to promote the safety of others, and showing survivors they are believed and supported.

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