NYSCASA Statement on White Supremacist Violence and Insurrection at the US Capitol

For Immediate Release: January 7, 2021

Contact: NYSCASA Staff, info@nyscasa.org

NYSCASA Statement on White Supremacist Violence and Insurrection at the US Capitol

ALBANY, NY — The events at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, demonstrate how white supremacy is allowed to operate in the United States and how it is often enabled—and empowered—by our nation’s “leadership.”

Yesterday, the nation—and the world—witnessed an insurgency fueled by white supremacy and a desire to prevent lawmakers from carrying out the process of an election decided by American voters. But we also witnessed the hypocrisy of law enforcement agencies and public officials, whose complicity and refusal to implement a plan of defense for this well-publicized, coordinated act of white supremacist domestic terrorism stands in stark contrast with violent police responses to protests for Black Lives Matter, gender justice, and disability rights.

Fighting white supremacy is anti-sexual violence work. Sexual violence is rooted in systemic oppressions that shape our society, including white supremacy. Moreover, sexual violence increases substantially during times of political unrest.

As an organization committed to ending sexual violence and oppression in all of its forms, the New York State Coalition Against Sexual Assault denounces and condemns the violence of white supremacy. We join calls for meaningful accountability for those who perpetuate white supremacist violence and those who enable it. We encourage each other and our communities to reflect on the difficult truths of our complicity and the ways all violence is interconnected, and to begin to repair the legacy of white supremacy and its relations, colonization and patriarchy.

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