Survivor Survey Report: Sexual Assault Survivors’ Experiences Getting Help in New York State

In 2017, NYSCASA launched our Survivor Survey to learn about how sexual assault survivors in New York State experience systems like rape crisis services and the criminal legal system.

This report illustrates the experiences of sexual assault survivors and their perspectives on seeking help from rape crisis programs, hospital emergency departments, and law enforcement.

The report also includes recommendations for:
  • improving sexual assault survivors’ experiences when they seek help,
  • improving community awareness about available services, and
  • expanding access to services for survivors, especially those from historically marginalized and excluded communities.

A companion report was created to represent the experiences of survivors of college sexual assault. You can access this report at

This report was authored by Sana Abdelkarim, with editorial and design assistance from Chel Miller.

Click here to access the report, or click the image below.