Transgender Awareness Week: Learn, Reflect, and Act

The week before the global Transgender Day of Remembrance on November 20, people and organizations across the US participate in Transgender Awareness Week to help raise the visibility about transgender people and address issues that community members face.

During Transgender Awareness Week, trans people and their allies take action by educating the public about trans people’s experiences and advancing advocacy around issues of prejudice, discrimination, and violence that affect the trans community.

Despite progress in recent years, like the increased visibility of trans people in pop culture, historic election wins, and improvements in healthcare, many trans people—especially Black, Indigenous, and Latinx trans women—encounter discrimination and violence on a daily basis. Trans people face discrimination and violence in a variety of contexts: within families, education systems, workplaces, social services and shelters, law enforcement, the legislature, and healthcare.

Visibility is not enough. We must continue to learn, reflect, and create environments of support and inclusion for people of all genders.

“Please turn your awareness into action, into love, into being a co-conspirator,” said Chase Strangio, Deputy Director for Transgender Justice at the American Civil Liberties Union, in an Instagram post. “We are about to witness new levels of assault on trans survival. Fight with us.”

This week—and every week—NYSCASA proudly supports our trans community, and we will continue to fight alongside you.

Resources for Transgender Survivors

Resources for Cisgender Allies and Advocates